What is the power increase after installing the chip?

The average power increase after installing our chip box is 25-30% depending on : engine condition, filtres condition, fuel quality. We are not able to estimate the exact results because each car is different. Our devices are adjustable which allows to increase and reduce the power (if, after 200 km driving, the effects are not satisfactory). 

Does the device affect fuel consumption?

Fuel consumption can be reduced depending on your driving style. The best results are reached during city driving. In the case of the petrol engine, fuel consumption should remain unchanged. 

What does the 'check engine' means and how to cancel it?

If ‘check engine’ light appears, do not worry, it is only a message indicating that the power of the chip box is too high. Uninstall your chip box and drive few days without it. The computer will read a new data. Next, reduce the power on the device and install your chip box again.

Why does my car smokes excessively?

Excessive smoking is probably caused by too low level of air in the air-fuel mixture. Check if the filter in your car is clear enough to pass a sufficient amount of air. Additionally, reduce the power of the chip.

Why did my car go into limp mode?

If your car goes into ‘limp mode’, your chip box is connected incorrectly. In such a case, contact us. We will check where the problem is and  we will instruct you.

Why there is no power gain?

The device reaches the full power after driving about 200 kilometers / 150 miles. If you have driven this distance and there is no effect, use the adjusting screw. Put the device close to the picture in the instruction and turn the screw to the MAX direction. ATTENTION: If you have not driven 200 kilometers / 150 miles with the chip box plugged-in, please DO NOT regulate your device.

Does the device come pre-adjusted?

Each device comes pre-adjusted. Our settings are optimal and the best for your car. However, due to the different parameters of particular vehicles, in some cases additional adjusting is necessary.

How to adjust the chip?

Our devices are equipped with the regulating screw. Thanks to it you can adjust the device to your car. DO NOT begin adjusting before 200 km / 150 miles is done. If, after this distance, there is still no increase in power, you can improve it by turning the screw few times to the MAX. Please, make sure with the instruction that the direction of adjusting is correct (left or right). In the case of the chip CS1 and CS2, the direction depends on the manner of connection. If the device is connected to only one wire, MAX is to the right and if it is connected to two wires, MAX is to the left.  

Is this device safe for the engine? 

Our devices are equipped with the engine protection function thakns to which they are 100% safe for the engine. 

What is inside the chip?

Our devices are made on the printed circuit boards in SMD technology. They are of high quality. We do not use cheap resistors. 100% Polish production.

Digital or analog chip box?

The main difference between these two devices is electronics and regulation. The digital chip box is a newer,  more electronically advanced device.  It is equipped with better regulation within 50 turns. The analog chip box, is a simple device with the regulation within 1 turn, in the case of PD analog chip box. We recommend the digital chip box because it is easily adjustable precisely to your requirements.

How to return item?

If you decide to return item, please, fill out the form on the page www.chippower.co  or contact us by e-mail: returns@chippower.co.

We offer 30-day trial period during which you can return item. We quarantee 100% refund after receiving the device or tracking number.

Does the chip work with LPG installation?

Each device available for petrol engine is compatible also with LPG.

How to install the chip?

Before you start installing the device, please become acquainted with the instruction that comes with the chip or, in the case of the chip CS1, CS2 and hot/cold diesel start fix device, is sent to your email in PDF format.

How does the chip work?

Our chip boxes work on the basis of changing the signal form ECU. As a consequence, they change the whole injection map.

We offer a chiptuning equipment for a safe chiptuning. Our devices guarantee more power and reduced consumption for more than 2,200 car brands with both, petrol and diesel engines. We are one of the largest chip tuning companies with well over 100,000 costumers around the world. We specialize in producing and selling chip boxes and other electronic car devices of the highest quality We offer good quallity chipbox and powerbox for a range of 2,200 vehicles: diesel and petrol cars. We are sure that you will be satisfied of our products. Our chip boxes are equipped with the engine protection function so they are 100% safe for your car engine! If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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