Terms of warranty

Terms of warranty

Apart from the the statutory rights regarding any defects, to which you are entitled, we provide a 24 month warranty for the goods promoted with the warranty. The warranty period starts from the date of shipment of the goods. Our warranty covers the territory of the EU including the Federal Republic of Germany. If the purchased goods show any material or manufacturing defects during this period, we grant you one of the following services covered by our warranty:

  1. Conclusion of a Warranty Agreement
    Making a purchase by a Consumer shall automatically result in the conclusion of an agreement for the product warranty between the Warranter and the Customer, with the content agreed on herein.
  2. Scope of the Warranty
    The scope of the warranty shall be limited to all the chip boxes purchased through the online store owned by Larysz Krzysztof.
  3. Product components covered by the Warranty
    The Warranter shall provide a warranty for the following components:
    1. Printed circuit board (PCB) and electronics,
    2. PCB plug-in module,
    3. Wiring harness; except of the mechanical damage to the connector which is not covered by the warranty.
  4. Subject Matter, Scope and Period of the Product Warranty
    1. The Warranter shall guarantee that since the date of the acquisition of the product, its components specified in section III, within 24 months will not show any defects that may disturb the respective product’s function („Warranty Case”).
    2. Any visual defects that do not affect the operation of the device shall not be covered by the warranty (so-called „flaws”).
    3. The product warranty shall apply only when the Customer uses their vehicle, in which the respective device has been installed, for private (non-commercial) purposes. The commercial use should be understood , for instance, as commercial passangers transport, using a vehicle for delivery/courier purposes , rental car, e.t.c. Unless, such commercial use of the car has not caused the damage of the component under warranty.
    4. In a Warranty Case, the Waranter is obliged to provide a new product (replacement) or repair the damaged product free of charge (if technically possible). In addition, the Warranter shall organize and cover the cost of transporting a replacement or repaired product to the Customer.
  5. The hereby warranty shall not cover any other rights or claims. This warranty shall not constitute a basis for compensation claims or costs reimbursement.
  6. Warranty Exclusions
    1. Claims under this product warranty shall not be caused by the following circumstances:
      • normal wear,
      • incorrect installation (for instance if the item or the wires are located in the areas with a high temperature such as along the motor block or at the manifold which may caused the damage by melting) or/and the product startup is not performed according to the Warranter’s recommendations,
      • improper use of the product, contrary to the Warranter’s specifications (for example unapproved settings change ); using force ( eg. hit, shake, housing),
      • product modifications or unauthorized repair attempts,
      • using a vehicle for off-road riding,
      • external damage , for instance an accident in road traffic / collision; damages caused by animals, damages made in car wash, etc.,
      • force majeure or exceptional / extreme natural events such as floods, natural disasters, etc.,
      • any damages caused by the fault of the customer or third parties,
      • environmental impact (humidity, heat, surge, dust, etc.),
      • failure to comply with safety rules.
    2. Warranty claims shall not be considered if the Customer grossly violates the guidelines on how to proceed in a Warranty Case, as specified in the section VI of the hereby warranty terms, unless, such violation has no impact on the resolution of warranty claim and does not ascertain or extent the Warrenter’s liability.
    3. Warranty claims will be consiered as grandless if the product is installed in a vehicle model that does not appear on the Warranter’s compatibility list.
  7. Warranty procedure / settlement of warranty claims
    1. In the event of a warranty case, the Customer shall immediately notify the Warranter about the problem in writing. For this purpose, the Customer shall fill out the warranty form attached and send it to the following address:
      Larysz Krzysztof
      Gliwicka 6 lok 20
      59220 Legnica

      or by email to the address:

      The complaint will be processed within 24 hours on business days.

      The warranty form shall include a possibly accurate description of the identified defect and the reasons for initiating the warranty procedure by the customer.
    2. Customer is obliged to deliver the product along with the complaint form (attachment to the text of this warranty) to the above address at their own expense and shall submit a copy of the proof of purchase – any of the following: payment confirmation from PayPal or bank transfer or the order with the shipment confirmation from any shopping platform.
    3. After receiving the item and the above-mentioned documents, the Warranter shall rewiev the asserted warranty claim and shall inform the Customer about results of its consideration. The Warranter may decide to supply an eqivalent product as a replacement or repair the producted referred ( if technically possible) and return it to the Customer. The Warranter shall organize and cover the cost of transporting the replacement product or of the product repaired to the Customer.
    4. If the warranty claim is considered as grandless, the Warranter may demand from the Custoerm reimbursement of the costs incurred in connection with the complain handling procedure and returning the product referred to the Customer. Unless, the Warranter is legally obligated to bear such costs. This shall not apply in the situation where the Customer could not be expected to have known that they had no warranty claim.
  8. Expiry of the Warranty period
    Product warranty claims for the defects occuring during the warranty period shall expire within 12 months from the end of the year in which the claim occured, i.e. in which the defect occured and the Customer became aware of the circumstances giving rise to the claim.
  9. Contractual or legal rights
    Contractual or legal rights that the Customer may have against the Warranter as a seller and / or manufacturer of the item shall not be limited by this warranty and still apply.
  10. Final Provisions
    1. The hereby product warranty shall apply to the aforementioned extent and in accordance with the above conditions , including presentation of the copy of the original proof of purchase (Sec. VI, pt. 2.) . This apply also for any subsequent acquirer of the product , if such product or the vehicle in which it is installed is sold.
    2. In the event that any of the provisions contained in this warranty are invalidated, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of herein.
    3. The Warranter’s place of business shall be the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising in connection with the hereby warranty.
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